A data-driven foundation for clean energy development

The Station A platform combines our team’s deep engineering, commercial, and analytics expertise with public and proprietary data to determine optimal clean energy development strategies.


Station A is powered by proprietary analytics engines that enable intelligent inferences:


Geospatial intelligence engine

SpaceTag™ harvests, synthesizes, and structures geospatial information about locations. It then uses that information to predict a location’s energy use and compatibility with different clean energy products.

Read the GTM story on SpaceTag™


Clean energy product simulation engine

AirDeploy™ synthesizes a location’s energy use, physical constraints, and available value streams to choose an optimal energy solution. It simulates that solution’s performance to estimate customer savings and project economics.

Use cases

Station A enables multiple use cases to empower clean energy sales and development teams:

Site assessment

How many Target retail stores over 200kW peak load are in Boston, MA? How many >10-acre clear parcels are in Sonoma, CA?

Leverage the platform’s continuously-updated geospatial knowledge and load estimation capabilities to quickly answer questions about sites, buildings, and electricity use at a regional scale.

Total addressable market

How much DR capacity is available among refrigerated warehouses in PJM?

Incorporate product-specific qualifications to estimate the total addressable market.

Customer/site list

Which customer should I call first to execute a PV + storage project in Dallas, TX?

Access customer/site lists and contact information for the best locations for a given product.

Product selection & sizing

Which clean energy products should we site at our properties in California? What size?

Optimally size and select clean energy products for one or more locations.

Value analysis

What is the value of the optimal set of clean energy configurations for a solution provider, the utility, and the site owner?

Combine all of the platform’s capabilities to size, select, and optimally dispatch assets at one or more sites to optimize financial performance for developers and other stakeholders.

Interactive report

How can I communicate why my proposed solution is better than others? How can I reduce iteration and accelerate customer acquisition?

Generate an interactive, shareable report that communicates customer value of clean energy products and enables real-time evaluation of multiple development scenarios.