A cross-disciplinary group committed to scaling clean energy

We are a team with diverse experience and expertise spanning engineering, software development, data science, architecture, and business. Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of clean energy.

Kevin Berkemeyer

Director of Station A
VP, Innovation Implementation

“At Station A, our mission is to accelerate the deployment of clean energy. We are uniquely positioned to combine new and existing technologies in ways that will improve how clean energy is valued and deployed.”

Kevin is director of Station A, responsible for Station A’s overall strategy and execution. He leads the creation of a software platform that leverages data and analytics to determine the optimal energy resource for any given loaction. Prior to Station A, Kevin began and led First Solar’s China and Thailand businesses, where he developed utility-scale solar projects. He started his career doing customer analytics and trading at retail energy startup Juice Energy In NY. Kevin received a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Wisonsin-Madison and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. In graduate school, he was Co-President of the MIT Energy Club, worked on solar and storage projects with ARPA-E, Tesla, and Conservacion Patagonica, and was a Research Assistant on the Future of Solar Study published by the MIT Energy Initiative.

Manos Saratsis

Product Manager, Geospatial Analytics

“Location-sensitive deployment of distributed energy resources will maximize benefits for end-users, alleviate the pain points of the grid, accelerate site acquisition and pave the way towards a clean energy future.”

Manos is an environmental design professional with a background in computational design and architectural engineering. He develops software to optimally locate distributed energy resources across large urban regions. His work integrates geospatial modeling, building performance simulation, and data analytics and visualization. A graduate from MIT, Manos received a Master of Science in Urbanism and Building Technology while conducting research at the MIT Sustainable Design Lab. He has published numerous papers on energy modeling and its implications for urban planning and design. Manos received his professional diploma in Architectural Engineering from NTU Athens, and has worked on projects in both the U.S. and Europe.

Denise Rivas

Application Engineer

“I want to make sustainable energy accessible to all levels of society, in every corner of the world, in a thoughtful and effective way. I strive to make society conscious of its impact and energy needs, and give it a solution that taps our renewable resources without compromising our future.”

Denise is the Application Engineer for Station A. She develops analytical solutions to assess new business opportunities and design new clean-energy products. A graduate from MIT, she double majored in Civil Engineering and Economics. Denise was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela and has a strong interest in the clean-tech energy industry in both the US and internationally.

Sam Steyer

Product Manager, Energy Analytics

“I want to help write software that can manage a truly distributed, zero-emission grid. I want to be part of the effort to confront the global challenge of Climate Change, and am particularly excited to help develop the required technology in California.”

Sam is the Energy Analytics Product Manager at Station A. He leads the team’s efforts to model the performance and sizing of energy assets and contributes to other intelligence engines within the platform. He collaborates with the entire team to think through new product features. He holds an M.A. in Computational Math from Stanford and an A.B. in Applied Math from Harvard, where he played defense for the Men’s Lacrosse Team. He worked with Advanced Energy Economy and The 2Seeds Network between college and graduate school. He solidified his identity as a nerd early in life by competing on Comedy Central’s Battle Bots, where he was eliminated in a 9-0 decision in the first round. He is a San Francisco native.

Jeremy Lucas

Software Engineer

“Station A and NRG have the unique opportunity to combine both their operational capacity and data to truly affect the nature of energy sourcing and distribution in the US. With the right software in place, I think we can make an impact.”

Jeremy comes from a background in software engineering, having worked for various companies in the digital retail and advertising industries in addition to teaching a part-time introductory programming course. In these fields, he has acquired almost a decade of professional experience in building and maintaining large-scale distributed data storage and processing systems. As a hobbyist, he has also applied his expertise in distributed systems to open source contributions in various projects including Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, and his own projects as well.

Tom Jackson

Engineering Product Manager

“I want to help create the grid of the future that delivers efficient and reliant clean energy to everyone. I feel the work we are doing will empower unprecedented innovation in many generations to come.”

Tom is the Engineering Product Manager at Station A. His role is to manage, develop and coordinate the commercialization of new distributed energy solutions. He worked as a Program Manager for Aquion Energy, an aqueous hybrid-ion battery manufacture located in Pittsburgh, designing, deploying, and maintaining energy storage systems for just under four years. He also worked for Greenstar Recycling as a general manager, where he managed material recovery facilities. Tom graduated from Duquesne University, where he majored in Finance and Accounting while training and working in the Air Force Reserves.

Samantha Derrick

Executive Assistant

“Sustainable energy and food systems are vital for both current and future generations. It is no longer optional, but essential to develop innovative alternatives to current systems that are responsible for copious amounts of global environmental degradation and exploitation.”

Samantha is the Executive Assistant at Station A where she manages office operations and researches clean energy policy. Previous to joining the team, she worked on wildlife refuges in Hawaii, Alaska, and Massachusetts, interned with a sustainable design organization in India, and taught English in Mexico City. Samantha graduated from UC Berkeley where she double majored in Environmental Economics and Policy and Society and Environment. She has maintained her Berkeley identity and commitment to sustainability by initiating meatless Mondays at Station A, and spreading her love for electronic music.