Any clean energy product,
any U.S. location

We believe the clean energy future depends upon satisfying customer and system needs at specific locations. Thus, we believe a critical challenge and opportunity is to determine which products to place in which locations.

Our Strategy

We are building a data analytics platform that models the feasibility, locational value, technical operations, and financial performance of any clean energy product at any U.S. location. The platform empowers clean energy developers to efficiently determine an optimal development strategy. We believe that pairing technology-agnostic solutions with data-driven insights will accelerate clean energy development.


  • Leverages geospatial algorithms to assess building and business characteristics
  • Predicts building energy usage
  • Determines locational value of electricity


  • Leverages physical models to represent performance of clean energy solutions
  • Simulates solution combinations at every location
  • Optimizes dispatch logic to maximize solution value